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The Film

The story of one hundred years of Jewish history in Britain told through the windows of the Green Park Hotel.

This legendary Jewish hotel was the ultimate holiday destination for more than 40 years and its history provides a rare and fascinating glimpse into Jewish life in Britain.

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The Archive

Your stories will help build a lasting archive for future generations. We're pulling together all the best memories and fondest stories of your time at the Green Park Hotel.  

Tell us about your time at the Green Park or about being Jewish in Britain in the 20th Century. Ask your parents, ask your grandparents or anyone you know. 

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Time is running away and it’s urgent that we ask the questions today. Simply fill in our online questionnaire.

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Have you got any stills or cine footage of your time at the hotel? We’d love to see them. If you feel you can help in any way please write us an email 

The Guests

The Green Park attracted guests from all walks of life; from heads of industry to movie stars and some of the world's most famous entertainers. Watch our short clip about the guests.

Your Stories

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